Return of product according to the right of withdrawal (article of N.2251/94 as valid on the date of return).

If the purchase was made by a natural person (non-corporate customers of the online store) and the product is intended for personal use, the customer may exercise the right of withdrawal without the need to report a specific cause within 14 calendar days from the delivery of the product, by returning the product to the store.

The right of withdrawal applies if:

The product is in its original condition, sealed, within the original packaging. Damage on the packaging or removal of the safety seal found on the package will eliminate the right to withdrawal.
The relevant declaration for the return of the product is made within 14 days of its delivery to your place.

Different reasons for return:

Dead-on-Arrival (D.O.A): if a D.O.A. policy is provided for by the manufacturer of the product you selected, you can return the product back to ecosmos. In this case the costs are borne by the company. In case the manufacturer of the product you selected provides different conditions for the return of the products such as shipment to him; the shipping costs are borne by the customer. In any case, after the return of the product to the manufacturer, if the manufacturer conducts an inspection and considers that the product needs replacement due to a factory problem (D.O.A) then a new product will be shipped to the customer at the company's expense. ecosmos.gr it is not responsible for the examination, repair and return times of the product by the manufacturer of the product.

Product repair under warranty: in the event of a product failure within the period covered by a warranty as defined by the manufacturer of the product, please contact the ecosmos team to guide you through the process of return as it varies depending on the case. The shipping costs for the transportation of the product to ecosmos and from ecosmos to the customer shall be borne by the customer except in cases where it is otherwise specified in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty policy.

Receiving a different product: if a different product is sent to the customer, the product must be returned for inspection and then if the product does differ from the original order, ecosmos is liable to replace your product with the correct one. Shipping costs to and from the customer in this case are entirely borne by ecosmos.

Return costs: the return of the products is made by means of choice of the customer and the costs of the return are borne by the customer. (the product can either be returned by the customer at a point indicated by ecosmos.gr or sent with some shipping service such as transport companies or courier.

Refund request check and refund: if within 14 days the product is received by ecosmos, and the conclusion of the product condition check is consistent with the withdrawal policy (the product is in its original condition, sealed, without the packaging having been opened or the security seal on the packaging having been damaged), the total amount paid to ecosmos for the purchase of the product will be returned to the customer. The compensation will be paid within 14 days after the completion of the inspection of the condition of the product in the payment instrument used by the customer at the time of purchase (For instance, the customer's bank account if the purchase was made via bank transfer).

For the refund to the customer in the case of product return, the following applies:

If the payment has been made by credit or debit card, ecosmos.gr is obliged to inform the bank about the cancellation of the transaction between the company and the client. The bank will then proceed to counter-account the transaction based on the terms arising from the contract between the bank and the party (customer). After informing the bank about the cancellation of the transaction, ecosmos.gr is not responsible for the implementation of the terms of the contract between the bank and the client as well as for the time and manner of execution of the compensation for the transaction in question.
In case the payment has been made by bank transfer in order to return the amount to the customer, the customer must indicate a bank account in order to complete the relevant deposit for the return of the purchase amount to the customer.

Terms and conditions for the exercise of the right of withdrawal.

The exercise of the right of withdrawal can be done only within fourteen (14th) calendar days of receipt of the product by the customer without requiring any justification from the customer.

For the exercise of the right of withdrawal to be considered valid, the product must be in its original condition, be in its original packaging which must be in excellent condition without damage or deficiencies as well as be accompanied by all accompanying documents, accompanying products, gifts and materials.

If the value of the product has been reduced due to poor treatment, which is not related to the examination of the functionality and characteristics of the product, the customer is liable for its restoration costs as they result from the existing decrease in the value of the product. In this case, the difference between the original and the reduced value of the product due to the fault of the customer will be deducted from the final amount of compensation. In any such case, the customer will receive relevant information before refund completion.

In specific cases the unsealing of the product entails an impairment of 50% or more of its commercial value and therefore in case of a return the refund will vary according to the percentage of the impairment resulting from the unsealing. This exception applies to the following:

If the product is included in the categories of parts, spare parts and/or consumables.
If the material of the product requires specific know-how for its selection and installation
If the product cannot function as a stand-alone unit, but acts as an accessory, spare part and / or Consumable of another product.
Finally, ecosmos.gr it is not liable for any loss or destruction of data stored on a device prior to its return by the customer to our company. The customer should make sure that all data from the products have been removed for return thus ensuring that the product is in its original condition.

In which cases does the right of withdrawal not apply?

The right of withdrawal does not apply in cases of products where they are excluded from the relevant legislation (article of N.2251/94). In this category fall products that have been made with specific specifications at the suggestion of the customer and / or products personalized that due to their nature are inextricably linked with already finished services. Accordingly, products of digital content as well as products that are unsuitable for return for reasons related to the protection of health or hygiene, products that have been unsealed and altered or are close to expiration, cannot be returned.